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Meet the Board

John Matta

John Matta

Chairman of the Board

John has served as chairman of the board since May of 2015 and has been a board member since 2010.

Tom and Sylda Nichols

1st Vice-chair

Tom and Sylda have served on the Board since November of 2011.

Rex Miller

Rex Miller

2nd Vice-Chair

Rex has served as 2nd Vice-chair since May of 2015.

Larry and Chris Tawney


Larry and Chris have served as Secretary since October of 2010 and Treasurer since May of 2011.

Victory Rodriguez

Member of the Board

Vickie has served on the Board since October of 2012.

Past Members of The Board

John Ford
Rob and Holly Friesen
Lee and Bridget Modesitt
Ernie Honas
Matthew Pennell
John and Judy Ball
Robert and Linda Deemie
Marvin Rodriguez
Mark and Lynn Mowrey

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