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Youth Education Scholarship Constitution Bee

Study Materials

Constitution Bee participants will be required to have a broad knowledge of facts on the Constitution as well as knowledge on the authors of the Constitution. The Bee will include questions that are:

  1. Objective — Fact based questions that require little interpretation.
    Example Question: "In which amendment is the right to free speech guaranteed?"

  2. Subjective — Questions designed to test your understanding of constitutional principles.
    These include knowing some facts but will also ask "why?"

With this in mind it will be important to study a variety of sources. There are several free study materials available that are listed below but feel free to study other items that you feel will be beneficial.

  1. The U.S. Constitution

  2. Founding Documents

  3. Constitution based articles

  4. Other Historical Documents

  5. The Federalist Papers

  6. The Constitution at a glance (pdf)

  7. The Making of America Seminar

  8. Hillsdale College Constitution Introduction

  9. Hillsdale College Constitution 101

  10. Hillsdale College on the Federalist Papers
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